Essential Spring Outfit Ideas for Women Over 50 to Look and Feel Great (2024)

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As we get ready to say goodbye to winter and embrace the beautiful spring blossoms, we also start to prepare our closets for this new style and weather transition. It’s no secret that dressing over the age of 50 can be overwhelming – from finding chic and comfortable pieces to selecting flattering designs you’ll feel your best in, updating a spring wardrobe is no easy task! To make dressing for spring a fun experience and not a fatiguing one, I put together essential spring outfits that will have you looking as good as you feel.

Before we dive into our outfits, let me share why this guide is a little different. While I provide my own expertise and professional fashion advice, there’s something extra special about hearing from those who more closely relate to your experience, understanding all of the nuances, beauty, and challenges of navigating fashion over 50.

For this guide, I’ve invited a special guest into the conversation, our very own MCO reader, not only to review this post, but to more directly address both the realities, concerns, and tastes of our over 50 community!

Essential Spring Outfit Ideas for Women Over 50to Look and Feel Great (1)

Covering both warmer and colder spring weather, this list encapsulates an approach to well-rounded different looks that incorporate both warmer and cooler pieces for balance, style, and – of course – our trademark chic touch!

Taking Dr. Julie Wood’s insights into consideration that you’ll read throughout this post, let’s dive into our curated spring outfits.

1. linen puff sleeve shirt + straight-leg pant + penny loafer + bucket tote

Essential Spring Outfit Ideas for Women Over 50to Look and Feel Great (2)

shirt | pants | shoes | bag

This non-clingy, mid-length sleeve top is the perfect first piece for this outfit. Light and airy, this linen shirt provides elegance and style through its fabric and design. Able to be worn both completely buttoned or slightly open, this canvas-colored top brings us seamlessly into spring as we start to move away from long sleeves and heavier textiles.

On the bottom, these straight-leg pants balance out the slightly wider silhouette of the shirt, also adding a pop of subtle tan color to the palette of the look.

For chic, stylish, and cohesive finishing touches that tie the outfit together, go for classic brown penny loafers for both comfort and current (but also timeless) style. When it comes to spring style, “Chic, comfortable shoes are a must,” says Wood.

This brown bucket tote coordinates with your shoes (a great way to look put together) and will always have room for all of your essentials.

2. pull-on skirt + crewneck sweater + flats + bandana + crossbody bag

Essential Spring Outfit Ideas for Women Over 50to Look and Feel Great (3)

skirt | sweater | shoes | bandana | bag

Monochromatic outfits seem to be a hit throughout all of the seasons, and I couldn’t resist adding a spring twist to this classic look.

For those of us in cooler climates, spring can be particularly tricky to dress for as we try to navigate the chilly yet slightly warmer weather as the temperatures begin to rise.

Start this outfit off with this merino wool crewneck sweater, perfect for keeping warm while still donning a classic silhouette in a stunning and elegant fabric. On the bottom, this pull-on skirt brings contrast with its crepe texture against the wool – bonus points, it’s super easy to wear!

In general, maxi skirts are great spring pieces for easy, casual outfits that are still elevated and chic.

Just because the warm weather hasn’t quite arrived at our doorstep yet doesn’t mean we shouldn’t begin to implement some spring elements into our outfits as we eagerly wait for the flowers to bloom.

“This spring I want to incorporate scarves in a way that feels fresh,” says Wood. This green silk blend bandana is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your chic monochrome look, while also keeping things elegant and, of course, warm!

This piece is also a great way to transition from heavier winter scarves by using this beloved accessory for style. Tie it around your bag or your neck for an undeniably chic touch to your already undeniable chic look.

For your final accessories, these flats make for the perfect spring shoes, covering just enough to keep your feet comfortable while also steering away from boots. This crossbody bag makes space for all of your valuables to stay safe and nearby, while also working to add a final elegant touch of modernity to your ensemble.

3. satin slip dress + crewneck sweater + flats + pendant necklace + earrings

Essential Spring Outfit Ideas for Women Over 50to Look and Feel Great (4)

dress | sweater | shoes | necklace | earrings

Spring is famously known for floral prints when the subject is “dresses”. While there’s nothing wrong with a beautiful floral print, this season is also a great time to start incorporating all kinds of dresses, both old and new, back into the mix.

For this outfit, this satin slip dress makes up the base of our outfit with its long silhouette and simple design. A subtle racerback detail adds both comfort and movement to the classic style.

While this might not look like one of your typical “spring dresses,” this design goes to show that fashion is truly about finding what works for us – and learning how to style the things we love and may already have. Talk about a new version of the little black dress!

Perfect for those of us enjoying a slightly warmer spring, this dress is ideal for the transitional weather, able to keep us covered while featuring a lightweight, cool fabric.

Over the top, this lightweight and luxurious sweater provides an extra layer of warmth when necessary without weighing you down, thanks to the cashmere and organic cotton blend.

Able to be worn both tied over your shoulders or worn over the dress, this Eileen Fisher sweater adds a casual, laid-back touch while still keeping things elegant and elevated. “One of my favorite places to shop is Eileen Fisher,” says Wood. “A cliché, I know, but her stuff is good, socially responsible, and often on sale,” she adds.

Bring in a season-appropriate pop of color with this matching Banana Republic ruby necklace and earrings combo that adds both a cohesive and sophisticated special touch to this look. For shoes, these suede mules tie the look together with their neutral color, as well as bring us effortlessly into spring with their half-open design.

4. flare jeans + sweater + cardigan + loafer

Essential Spring Outfit Ideas for Women Over 50to Look and Feel Great (5)

jeans | sweater vest | cardigan | shoes

When it comes to clothing styles that women over 50 may feel unsure how to style, wide-leg jeans are top of the list. “I haven’t wrapped my brain around wide-leg pants yet. Please show me how to be chic wearing them. I still wear skinny jeans,” says Wood.

While there’s nothing wrong with wearing your favorite pair of jeans, after all, there’s no season where a pair of jeans won’t come in handy when it comes to creating an amazing, simple outfit. Denim is a staple year-round, but why not try something new this season?

These vintage flare jeans prove us right when it comes to finding the perfect outfit for spring! Featuring a super high-waisted design, these blue jeans provide both support in your midsectionandmake for a flattering, elongated fit – all while, of course, keeping you confident and feeling your best.

On the top, this tan sweater shell makes for a great spring top, blending both a warmer fabric with a cooler, truly transitional design.

When necessary, this relaxed-fit cardigan in a fun spring color adds a layer of warmth and casual style that pairs perfectly with your classic base.“To me, spring means switching up my New England color palette – finding a couple of signature pieces in colors like aqua, lilac, or camel,” says Wood.

Finish off your look with an everyday loafer, a shoe especially designed to keep you comfortable as you walk around all day long,withoutcompromising on your style one bit.

5. gauze popover + elastic waist pants + block heel + leather tote

Essential Spring Outfit Ideas for Women Over 50to Look and Feel Great (6)

shirt | pants | heels | tote

Simplicity is important when it comes to dressing classy and well, and this wardrobe principle still stands strong while we prepare our closets for our spring pieces.

For warmer weather, this soft J.Crew gauze popover shirt is a great choice. Fitted tops can be great, but this looser, lightweight top with a gorgeous design and v-neck detail keeps us comfortable, chic, and cool.“Yes to loose and flowy tops,” endorses Wood.

On the bottom, the dream pant is just what it sounds like – an ultra-comfortable pair of trousers with a put-together, tailored look. Featuring soft double-knit, wrinkle-free fabric, and an elastic waist, these pants are the ideal spring piece both for their versatility and style.

Once again, the slightly tapered detail of the pants balances out the boxier silhouette of the top, making it the perfect everyday wear piece. From the office to your errands and your couch – there’s nowhere you won’t take your new go-to spring trousers!

As for shoes, these tan block heels are especially designed to keep us comfortable all day long, while giving off the elegant and sleek look we all know and love.

6. workwear dress + tote + ballet flats

Essential Spring Outfit Ideas for Women Over 50to Look and Feel Great (7)

dress | tote | shoes

For those of you who live in warmer climates, spring is a time to break out the dresses and accessories that can blend comfort and style without compromise.

This workwear dress is another ideal transitional piece, as it blends both lightweight fabric and a more structured look for a true blend of components.

While this dress is praised for its versatility, simplicity is always a good bet. Pair your main piece with a warm-weather tote (it’s never too early to get excited about the summer heat, is it?) and a pair of super comfortable, versatile, and classic flats.

7. sleeveless dress + cardigan + loafers + straw bag

Essential Spring Outfit Ideas for Women Over 50to Look and Feel Great (8)

dress | cardigan | bag | loafer

Springtime is a great opportunity to start bringing in some summer pieces into your wardrobe rotation. From incorporating the dresses you already own and love, to investing in new versatile pieces for your collection, there are hundreds of ways to style these timeless pieces to make them look made for spring.

The Riviera dress from Everlane does just that, providing a combination of a cotton a-line skirt and a sleeveless knit top look. This simple silhouette is both versatile and flattering and, better yet, perfect for styling a hundred different ways.

For this look, this floral print cardigan is layered on top of this dress, offering an escape from the remaining winter chill while also tying the look together and adding that quintessential spring touch – florals!

This raffia and leather bag from Nordstrom adds another playful nod to spring to this outfit, while still being practical. “My favorite styles for spring are accessories that are more lighthearted than my usual classics. Maybe even a print top,” says Wood.

Speaking of Nordstrom, it ranks high as one of the best places to shop for women over 50. “My favorite places to shop for clothes are Nordstrom, Sweaty Betty (for the gym), Bloomingdale’s, Nic& Zoe, Lake Pajamas, Eileen Fisher, Quince, and Jenni Kayne (but only when on sale),” says Wood.

For shoes, a classic pair of brown loafers makes for the final touch.

8. boxy Oxford + kick out crop jeans + ballet flat + tote

Essential Spring Outfit Ideas for Women Over 50to Look and Feel Great (9)

shirt | jeans | shoes | tote

This next casual look is a true classic wardrobe staple year-round, slightly adapted from season to season for weather and small tweaks. For our spring version of this quintessentially famous look, try a pair of crop jeans to ease us into the warmer weather, while oversized shirts like this elevate our look with their classic design and silhouette.

For the best result, wear your shirt slightly open and tucked in with sleeves rolled up to just before your elbows; this more laid-back way to style a classic piece makes the outfit feel more natural and effortless.

For accessories, go for a classic pair of black ballet flats for a fool-proof, comfortable option, as well as a classic black tote that allows you to carry all of your essentials (and non-essentials!) with you wherever you go.

9. cardigan + white tee + wide-leg jean + flat + leather bag

Essential Spring Outfit Ideas for Women Over 50to Look and Feel Great (10)

cardigan | tee | jeans | shoes | bag

Having some great, simple wardrobe staples is necessary for whatever season we are dressing for. When it comes to spring, lighter neutral colors allow us to give off a more airy, breathable feel to our looks without committing to a single color palette all season long. After all, while bright colors definitely find their groove during this season, they’re not the only option!

If, like Wood, you’re not quite sure about wide-leg pants, these white jeans are a great place to start. Due to their more rigid material, these pants won’t overwhelm with their larger silhouette like a more flowy fabric might. Instead, these white pants do a great job of keeping an elegant fit while also keeping things slightly more current.

On top, go for a simple white shirt as your first layer, and get ready to reach for this extremely versatile piece all spring and summer long.“One of my favorite spring styles is the perfect t-shirt, non-clingy with elbow-length sleeves,” says Wood.

For a pop of elegant color, bring in this felted merino cardigan for a touch of warmth when needed. Finish things off with a pair of beautiful accessories – this small crossbody Italian leather bag brings in a touch of structure and sophistication with its deep tan shade, and the Birkenstocks offer an easy-to-slip-on solution.

However, if Birkenstocks aren’t your style, feel free to swap these out for loafers, ballet flats, sandals, or even sneakers!

10. tiered dress + sneakers + earrings + bracelet

Essential Spring Outfit Ideas for Women Over 50to Look and Feel Great (11)

dress | shoes | earrings | bracelet | bag

Continuing on our warmer spring grind, this poplin-tiered dress might be a favorite style when it comes to a simple yet ultra-chic spring pick.

Simple and extremely easy to wear (and style!), maxi dresses are the perfect spring piece, and this one is the perfect example, ideal for a sunny spring day spent taking a leisurely stroll or enjoying a Sunday morning brunch.“This look says I’m ready for brunch, a birthday party, a museum visit, and/or dinner out at a casual restaurant”, says Wood.

For shoes, try a minimalist sneaker – the perfect option to keep you both stylish and comfortable, designed to be worn all day long.

For an extra special touch, add some fun accessories to your ensemble! Go for simple yet interesting gold jewelry that works to tie the look together and add yet another layer of elegant sophistication to this simple yet put-together outfit.

11. wide-leg pants + Oxford shirt + leather tote + slingback flat

Essential Spring Outfit Ideas for Women Over 50to Look and Feel Great (12)

pants | shirt | bag | shoes

Oxford shirts are another great piece year-round, and especially great for spring due to their easy styling potential!

Their classic structure and silhouette effortlessly elevate any outfit, while their design allows for more laid-back, casual styling that makes this piece truly versatile year-round.

For this outfit, try wearing your button-up shirt tucked in and slightly open, with your sleeves rolled up. This easy and effortless look brings balance to your look, making it even more adaptable to whatever new pieces you might eventually bring into your collection.

On the bottom, add a pair of lightweight pants for a piece that’s equal parts chic and practical. “A favorite item for this season is lighter weight pants that can take you from the gym to a cafe,” says Wood.

As for accessories, add a simple tan tote and pointed-toe slingback flats as a way to integrate a touch of natural fabric and a more slouchy (but always elevated!) feel to your look at the same time.

12. lady jacket + pleated skirt sleeveless dress + slingback pump

Essential Spring Outfit Ideas for Women Over 50to Look and Feel Great (13)

jacket | dress | pump | belt

Looking to dress up a little more for any special events this spring? I have a feeling you’ve just met match your match!

This pleated sleeveless dress sets the tone for this look, bringing texture, fluidity, and personality to this outfit. While this dress is already beautiful on its own, replacing the tie with a skinny leather belt is an easy way to add more structure to your look.

On top, this gorgeous jacket integrates stunning, elegant pops of color that coordinate effortlessly with the dress, all while keeping you warm when necessary and, of course, bringing an extra touch of sophistication with its silhouette. “Lightweight jackets and blazers are spring styles I’m loving”, says Wood.

Finish this look off with a shoe to match your belt, adding a small heel and chic pointed-toe detail for extra elegant flair.

Where Should You Start When Building Your Spring Outfits?

The spring season is an exciting time for fashion when we can finally begin to transition from heavy coats to cooler short sleeves, satin shirts, and much more, in order to create casual spring outfits we love.

However, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the options and outfit ideas and don’t know where to start, we know just what items can be your top priorities! “A great, coordinated, pair of shoes and a bag that will take you through spring, and maybe even summer”, says Wood. “The combinations in outfits 2 and 7 are especially chic and versatile.”

We are all about choosing versatile items that will maximize your wardrobe, and a simple yet stylish bag (along with the right shoes!) will do just that.

And of course, we can’t forget about our beloved wardrobe classics. “Women should make a cool pair of jeans a priority; choose one pair from the variety of styles in this post and maybe try a style that’s a departure for you”, Wood suggests.

Lastly, “Choose a jacket to wear as a statement piece”, Wood recommends. “The lady jacket in {outfit} 12 is striking. I also like the cardigan in outfit 4, which, given its tailoring can be treated as a jacket.”

If you are hesitant to bear your arms, a lady jacket acts as a fabulous layering piece or statement item.

Here’s to Finding the Best Spring Outfits for Women Over 50

Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to resort to short shorts, the latest trends, or simply any outfits you don’ttrulylove in order to feel confident and find the best way to dress.It’s all about finding what works for you!

The journey to truly find and define our personal style and perfect look takes effort and experimentation – but the good news is, it’s just as rewarding as the final destination! At the end of the day, confidence goes a long way in helping us dress, and it’s all about doing what we can to achieve looks we love.

Need help defending and owning your personal style? I created a resource to help you build a wardrobe from scratch that you can find here!

Essential Spring Outfit Ideas for Women Over 50 to Look and Feel Great (2024)


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