Vintage Pie Recipes You and Your Family Will Love (2024)

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When it comes to pie I think vintage pie recipes are the best. Those amazing recipes that have been handed down in families, cooked lovingly by grandmas and enjoyed at holiday gatherings for decades. I bet you have a recipe that came to mind as soon as you read that title.Today I’ve gathered my favorite vintage pie recipes for you! These are now available to everyone when decades before they were either memorized or shared on little cards kept in a recipe box on a shelf in the kitchen. These precious recipes should be written down, shared and used because they are as good today as they ever were!

Vintage Pie Recipes You and Your Family Will Love (1)

Vintage Pie Recipes You and Your Family Will Love

For me, my favorite vintage pie recipe is one that I learned from my husband’s grandmother and I make it for every holiday – it’s the delicious Buttermilk Pie Recipe. My family expects this pie now and my nephew would probably kick me out of Thanksgiving if I didn’t bring it.

Grandma's Delicious Vintage Buttermilk Pie Recipe


  • 2cupssugar
  • 1/2cuproom temperature butter
  • 4tablespoonsflour
  • 3eggs beaten
  • 1cupbuttermilk
  • 1teaspoonvanilla
  • 1deep dishor 2 regular unbaked 9 inch pie crust


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees

  2. Cream the sugar and butter together.

  3. Add the flour and beaten eggs and mix well.

  4. Now add the buttermilk and vanilla; mix & pour into unbaked crust

  5. Bake for 45-50 minutes, or until tests done. Top should be slightly crusty and brown.

  6. Let cool completely

  7. Serve with whipped cream

  8. Try not to eat it all. ?

More Vintage Pie Recipes You Should Try!

Shoofly Pie
A vintage pie recipe from the Pennsylvania Dutch.
Shoofly pie is a delicious molasses pie that has been baked and shared since the late 1800s.
See: Authentic Shoofly Pie Recipe from Lancaster Co

Vinegar Pie
This depression-era pie is quite custard like and the flavor may really surprise you!
I’ve seen this made with both regular vinegar and apple cider; personally I prefer it with ACV.
See: 12 Tomatoes Vinegar Pie with Apple Cider Vinegar

Old Fashioned Raisin Pie
This recipe has been handed down for decades and is filled with the sweet goodness of…well raisins.
I have heard this goes back at least 100 years.
See: All Recipes Old Fashion Raisin Pie Recipe 1

Hillbilly Pie
This is a bit of a twist on pecan pie with a similar flavor but made with oatmeal.
I don’t know the origin of this vintage pie but it is a crowd pleaser!
See: Priceless Hillbilly Pie Recipe

Kentucky Derby Pie
All the yumminess of pecan pie with chocolate and bourbon added (thank you KY).
The Kentucky Derby Pie was actually created in the 1950s by Walter and Leaudra Kern.
See: Easy Kentucky Derby Pie Recipe

Apple Scotch Pie
I’ve seen several different versions of this pie. I’m sure as recipes have been handed down each cook has put their own spin on this pie from Scotland.
If you love apple pie then you are going to enjoy this tasty change to an American classic.
See: Scottish Apple Pie Recipe

Sugar Cream Pie
This is a mid-western that’s been around since the 1800s.
Sugar, heavy cream and butter…need I say more?
See: Sugar Cream Pie from Nick’s Kitchen

Green Tomato Pie
An old family favorite that let grandma use up the green tomatoes instead of letting the frost get them.
A close cousin, in flavor, to the apple pie. Your guests will wonder just what’s in there!
See: Green Tomato Pie Recipe by Clinton Kelly

Sweet Potato Pie
The sweet potato pie has been in recipe books since the 18th century and is considered a southern specialty.
This is not a pumpkin pie though they are similar in texture. If you haven’t had a sweet potato pie, you must immediately!
See: Classic Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

Chocolate Ice Box Pie
A 1950s classic that was pulled from 2 different cookbooks of that time.
This hits all the chocolate points!
See: Chocolate Ice Box Pie with Whipped Cream and Nuts

Marlborough Pie
A New England favorite since colonial times.
An apple custard pie that could quickly become a fall favorite in your home.
See: New England Today’s Marlborough Pie Recipe

Strawberry Custard Pie
A sweet fruit custard pie recipe that dates back to the 1950s.
I’ve seen lots of variations on this scrumptious pie but this one hits all the right notes for me.
See: Side Chef’s Strawberry Custard Pie Recipe

Candy Apple Pie
From everything I’ve found this dates back to the 1930s.
If you like caramel apples this recipe is right up your alley!
See: Mel’s Kitchen Cafe Candy Apple Pie Recipe

Lemon Whey Pie
From theFarm Journal’s Complete Pie Cookbook of 1965.
I don’t know if 1965 is truly vintage yet but this is one for the recipe tin!
See: The Prairie Homestead’s Lemon Whey Pie Recipe

I hope you love these vintage pie recipes as much as I do. And I hope you’re saving your family pie recipes for future generations.

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Vintage Pie Recipes You and Your Family Will Love (2024)
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